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Providing quality clinical devices for over 30 years!


Company Profile

BVM Medical Limited was established in 1989.


BVM Medical specialises in the distribution of clinical devices to:


– Interventional Radiologists
– Interventional Congenital and Structural Cardiologists
– Interventional Gastrointestinal Specialists
– Cardiothoracic Surgeons



BVM has established long term, productive relationships with manufacturers from:

– Japan
– Korea
– China
– France
– Spain
– Italy
– Germany
– United Kingdom


We have also invested in Start Up Company’s that research in therapeutic devices in our key Clinical Specialities and look forward to launching new products.


BVM has built its success on its strong ethic of forging close working relationships with clinical customers and combining this relationship with manufacturers and their Product Research Departments ensuring a continuous line of New Product Development.


BVM maintains 24 hour supportive services.


Mission Statement

To research, co-develop and to provide innovative, hi-tech, disposable and implantable medical devices, for Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Radiological Interventional and Surgical Clinical Specialities, with the objective of improving patient care and treatment outcomes.


BVM believes that a personal service for the customer is paramount and will endeavour to provide 24-hour cover for delivery and support.


BVM 24 Hours a Day!

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