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Paclitaxel Releasing High Pressure Shunt Balloon Dilatation Catheter


Less Shunt Restenosis improves Hemodialysis Patients’ Quality of Life! APERTO SHUNT DCB protects AV fistulas and shunt grafts from early restenosis. For the prevention and successful dilatation of intimal hyperplasia.


APERTO DCB promises a prolonged Dialysis access survival.
Shunt restenosis represents a common threat to the function of arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) and shunt grafts in patients on hemodialysis. Patients often develop a consecutive neointimal hyperplasia in hemodialysis access vessels as well as along the needle puncture site.
The new APERTO DCB Paclitaxel releasing, high pressure balloon dilatation catheter provides a dual shunt treatment quality for the prevention and dilatation of intimal hyperplasia. AVF or PTFE shunt graft venous outflow lesions can be treated very successfully by the new APERTO OTW leading to a substantial reduction of hemodialysis shunt restenosis, for a prolonged dialysis access survival.

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