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Endolumenal Interventional Platform

As a new, innovative accessory to an endoscope, DiLumen may facilitate endolumenal therapeutic procedures that otherwise require laparoscopic or open surgery of the colon.


DiLumen ensures the complete positioning of an endoscope in the large intestine and assists with optical visualisation, diagnosis, and endoscopic treatment. An endoscopic approach to treatment in the colon may preserve anatomy, eliminate complications associated with colectomy and reduce costs.


DiLumen consists of a soft flexible sheath that fits over standard and small diameter colonoscopes. The device employs two balloons, one behind the bending section of the colonoscope and the second in front of the tip of the colonoscope. When both balloons are deployed and inflated the area in between is stabilized. This Therapeutic Zone (TZ) facilitates stabilisation, insufflation and manipulation of the tissue thus allowing the clinician to more effectively treat the target area. Once the therapy is completed the balloons are simply deflated and removed along with the colonoscope.


Please visit the Online Learning Platform by clicking on the link for videos and case reports highlighting the advantages of DiLumen™ for complex polyp removal in clinical applications.


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