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Paclitaxel Releasing Peripheral Balloon Dilatation Catheter


For the safest SFA & BTK revascularization therapy! The LEGFLOW balloon drug coating quality is a major step beyond contemporary first and second generation DCB coatings. LEGFLOW RX/OTW provides a 100% anti-proliferative vessel wall protection,and promotes rapid healing after mechanical balloon angioplasty.


The best option for SFA/popliteal de novo and restenotic lesions.
Treating peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the superficial femoral artery (SFA) is a difficult challenge. The anatomy is very dynamic and contains complex lesions, but also patient comorbidities such as diabetes require the clinically most-effective therapy. The new LEGFLOW Paclitaxel-releasing peripheral balloon dilatation catheter provides a clinically most successful treatment of peripheral artery disease, and ensures a long-term vessel patency.


The new treatment of BTK lesions and critical limb ischemia! LEGFLOW shows promising early clinical study results.
The rate of recurrent stenosis after PTA and stenting is higher in the below-the-knee area than in femoropopliteal procedures. The absence of metal struts makes the LEGFLOW balloon dilatation suitable for treating long lesions, especially in small diameter vessels and areas in which flexion and compression of the stent may occur and result in stent fractures, particularly in the below-the-knee area. Thanks to the new stable ‘SAFEPAX’ PTX coating technology, the treatment of critical limb ischemia patients appears as safe as POBA angioplasty.

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