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NRG™ RF Transseptal Needle

Baylis Medical

The NRG™ RF Transseptal Needle is uniquely designed to assist the physician in gaining access to the left atrium by using RF energy in a controlled manner as opposed to mechanical force. The NRG™ needle uses radiofrequency (RF) energy  in a safe and controlled manner. This allows the physician to advance across the septum in a precise manner without using excessive force.

Additionally, with its uniquely designed rounded atraumatic tip, the needle does not scrape off plastic particles from the inside of the delivery catheter when it is advanced.

The use of the NRG™ needle is also particularly beneficial for patients that have had prior procedures, which often results in a thickened or scarred septa.

Finally, the NRG™ needle adds a level of control to the physician when treating patients that have a naturally floppy or elastic septum that is challenging to cross with a mechanical needle.

The use of the NRG™ needle diminishes the need for mechanical force which in turn lowers the risk of tamponade.

There are two side holes located 1.5mm from the tip of the needle to allow for pressure readings, contrast injections and aspiration. There is no stylet with the RF Transseptal Needle.

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