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Drainage Catheters



Low Profile Drain for Ascites   —      Unique low profile drainage catheter for ascites   —      Spiral perforations   —      Perforation length 3cm to 9.5cm   —      Specially manufactured fixation disc is comfortable on skin   —      Size 7F, … Continue reading

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PerkuCess® HYDRO F

Percutaneous Locking Pigtail Drain   —    Suitable for direct puncture or introduction over a guidewire   —    Suitable for 0.035″ guidewire   —    Tapered tip and needle section specially developed to avoid kinking                   and bending during introduction   —    Extremely … Continue reading

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Internal / External Biliary Drainage Catheter   —     Pigtail drainage catheter   —     Long, conical tip to facilitate introduction   —     Suitable for 0.035″ guidewire   —     Available with various perforations   —     With removable … Continue reading

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