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IMACTIS CT-Navigation™ System

For Your CT-Guided Percutaneous Interventions   Real Time Navigation Composed of an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver, the locating device makes it possible to display the needle’s anticipated trajectory in real time in two reconstructed sections pushed from the CT scanner … Continue reading

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RF Medical Ablation System

RF Medical Co Ltd manufactures advanced Radiofrequency Ablation Systems. RF Medical’s generators are the only multi-purpose ablation generators in the world, having separate algorithms for soft tissue ablation in different tissue types such as liver, kidney, lung, thyroid, bone, myomas … Continue reading

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Paracentesis Needle – available in various lengths – four perforation lengths available – specially manufactured anchoring disc for stable positioning of plastic catheter – size 6F – with luer lock connector – sterile, disposable product Order Number: Length in cm … Continue reading

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D’VILL™ Long-Length Kink Resistant Introducer The D’VILL™ is a long-length, kink resistant introducer designed for the safe and effective introduction of large diameter interventional devices.  The D’VILL™ set includes one braided sheath with a radiopaque marker band, and a dilator compatible with … Continue reading

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Münchner Drainage   – biliary drainage catheter   – material for long-term drainage   – optimal attachment with fixation disc   – length 34cm   – sterile, disposable product   Order Number: nonperforated Span Size in F E-82008 7,5cm 8 … Continue reading

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DuraSheath is a new developed, percutaneous kink-free guiding sheath that combines a variable stiffness shaft and state of the art processing to provide an effective solution for navigation in the most difficult anatomies.   Product Features Easy insertion Tapered tip and seamless dilator to … Continue reading

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Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta The world’s first approved kit for: PPH Postpartum bleeding – PPH Trauma in the abdomen or pelvis Bleeding during surgery Aortic rupture (always review) Prophylactic v. Placenta percreta / accrete   The kit … Continue reading

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Micro-Access Introducer Kits

Galt Medical’s Micro-Access/MST Introducer Kits were precisely designed for smaller access sites. Featuring 5cm, 7cm, and 10cm lengths with the option of half sized configurations, each kit provides the options needed for precise introduction. The smooth transition, easy and secure … Continue reading

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Tearaway Introducers

Galt Medical’s Tearaway Introducer Sets & Kits combine precision ergonomic design with the high quality expected in fine medical devices. Each introducer system provides consistent performance, and offers a variety of kit configurations for every need. The smooth transition, easy … Continue reading

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MicroSlide® Introducer

Galt Medical’s introduces the MicroSlide® line of vascular access products for smaller patients and smaller vessels. Maintaining the features that are preferred in our current offerings, this gives the clinician an added advantage to size the product to the patient. Patients … Continue reading

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Elite HV® Micro-Access Introducers

Galt Medical’s Micro-Access ELITE HV® Hemostasis Valve Introducer Kits provide the high quality expected for use during Cardiac Cath Lab and interventional procedures. They are specially designed to provide consistent performance every time. The HV is a combination micro-introducer and … Continue reading

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