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Galt Medical’s offers a variety of separate sterile accessories for procedures. Stocking separate sterile components prevents the need to open an entire procedure kit for just one item. From a wide variety of dilator sizes to the X-Sharp® percutaneous entry needle, … Continue reading

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Centeze® Centesis Catheter

Galt Medical is pleased to introduce the Centeze® over the needle catheter system for centesis procedures. Featuring large skived holes, a smooth transition, and secure slip fit needle design, the Galt Medical Centeze® was designed to enhance ease in every centesis procedure. … Continue reading

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The GaltStick® Introducer System is a 6 French Coaxial sheath assembly with stiffening stylet. The GaltStick® allows for the introduction of a .018″ guidewire and .038″ guidewires. – Radiopaque marker band on all sheaths for enhanced visibility – Smooth dilator/sheath … Continue reading

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Galt Medical’s Micro-Introducer Kits provide the high quality and precision design expected by clinicians worldwide. Each feature was designed to aid in the access process, allowing for consistent performance every time. Galt Medical’s line of Stiffen Micro-Introducers sets a new … Continue reading

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Specialty Guidewires

Galt Medical’s Specialty Guidewires combine the added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex interventional procedures. Intended for use with diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, and interventional devices within the coronary and peripheral vasculature.   – Smooth transition between … Continue reading

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TORX® Transitionless Guidewire

Galt Medical’s is pleased to introduce The TORX® Nitinol Guidewire. Designed to become your go-to wire, The TORX® guidewire offers a Nitinol kink-resistant core with a radiopaque Galt Gold® tip for enhanced visibility. – Transitionless guidewire – Galt Gold® radiopaque tip – … Continue reading

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Vari Tip

Vari Tip – RF Electrode

Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose   – Cold water circulation system prevents contiguous tissue from charring and thus improves RF ablation zone. – Bendable handle makes CT guidance procedure safer and easier by preventing electrode cables from blocking at CT gantry. – Exposure … Continue reading

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