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Stent Placement



The All-In-One Aortic Stent System The NuDEL™ Stent Delivery System is designed for the efficient and effective treatment of Coarctation of the Aorta.  The system includes a triaxial balloon in balloon designed catheter with a Covered Mounted CP Stent, which … Continue reading

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Mounted CPStent

Mounted CP Stent™

The Mounted CP Stent™ consists of a bare CP Stent™ pre-mounted on a BIB Catheter. This system allows the physician the flexibility of using the pre-mounted complete system and will save the time required to mount the stent on the catheter.  The CP Stent™ is composed of … Continue reading

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CP Stent™

Stent Characteristics The CP Stent™ is composed of 0.013″ platinum / iridium wire that is arranged in a “zig” pattern, laser welded at each joint and over brazed with 24K gold. It allows expansion from 12.0 mm to 24.0 mm. The Covered CP … Continue reading

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Stent Placement catheter for vessels over 12.0 mm in diameter. All Catheters have: An inner balloon 1/2 of the balloon diameter of the outer balloon. i.e. BB010 has an 8.0 mm inner balloon. An inner balloon that is 1.0 cm shorter than the … Continue reading

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