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DuraSheath is a new developed, percutaneous kink-free guiding sheath that combines a variable stiffness shaft and state of the art processing to provide an effective solution for navigation in the most difficult anatomies.


Product Features

Easy insertion Tapered tip and seamless dilator to shaft transition allows for smooth insertion. Tight coil pitch toward the proximal end assists positioning.
Trackability Precision coils and state of the art materials provide exceptional kink resistance and safeguard lumen integrity.
Inner Diameter Robust and low-friction inner liner provides for easy insertion and decreased resistance and minimizes friction for smooth device insertion and movement.
Smaller Outer Diameter Thin shaft wall reduces the outside diameter and French size, offering kink free performance with the same size as a standard non-reinforced introducer sheath.
Smooth Outer Surface   Material choice and a proprietary fusing process create an exceptionally smooth outer surface.
Tip Atraumatic tip design with long taper facilitates navigation.
Pushability Variable pitch coil provides shaft flexibility for safe navigation through difficult and tortuous anatomies.
Detachable Haemostatic Valve  Color coded, removable haemostatic valve with three-way stopcock provides uncompromised hemostasis.
Dilator Secure dilator snap fit to luer prevents back out during insertion.
Hydrophobic Coating Shaft coated 15 cm from distal end.
Distal Marker Band Radiopaque distal marker band aids in visualization for precise positioning.

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