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IMACTIS CT-Navigation™ System

For Your CT-Guided Percutaneous Interventions


Real Time Navigation

Composed of an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver, the locating device makes it possible to display the needle’s anticipated trajectory in real time in two reconstructed sections pushed from the CT scanner to the station.


Pre-Treatment Planning

The physician moves the needle-holder over the patient’s skin and uses it as a guide to explore the anatomy and to plan the needle’s trajectory. Once the optimal trajectory is selected, our NaviKit™ allows for the guidance of one or more needles to the target.



CT-Navigation™ is useful in multi-probe procedures, allowing for greater accuracy when precision placement is key.



After the optimal trajectory is selected by the radiologist, the needle holder serves as a guide to help navigate and avoid critical structures.



NaviKit ™ is a single-use navigation device and is required for the insertion and follow-up of the needle during each intervention carried out with CT-Navigation ™

Educate and Train

CT-Navigation™ is also being utilized as a training tool. Chosen by a major medical training centre (iLumens, Paris), it has been integrated into the interventional curriculum.


Control Scans

New scans can be pushed to the station (screen) at any time for better control of the procedure.


Needle Tracking

Needle progress is continually monitored.





Benefits for Physicians

– Allows real time treatment planning during the procedure

– Helps avoiding critical structures, without angular limitation, for an optimal trajectory

– Helps improve outcome of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions

– Helps improve your self-confidence

– Makes multi-needles alignment easier

– Increase the predictability of your intervention time

– Very short learning curve

– Important training tool for percutaneous interventions

Benefits for Patients

– Safe and efficient pre-treatment planning

– Improved diagnosis and outcome

– Receive less radiation

Benefits for Institutions

– Quicker procedure times to optimize workflow and patient throughput

– Reduce the number of controls and radiation exposure

– Provide improved outcomes and enhanced patient care




Dr. Previn Diwakar, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK

“CT-Navigation™ has proved to be extremely useful in our practice.  It is such and easy system to set up and use, whilst offering huge benefits in improving speed, accuracy, and confidence in CT guided interventions.  We believe it has the potential to be transformational in improving outcomes in tumour ablations.  We are very grateful to BVM for bringing this revolutionary product to the UK.”

Pr. Franco Orsi – IEO, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

“In our daily practice, we usually need to safely “navigate” through the body, to perform percutaneous biopsies, complex ablations, and MSK procedures. CT-Navigation™ brings added safety, effectiveness and speed to our clinical routine by allowing to target multiple lesions, tight spaces and abnormal anatomy much easier. Whether it’s an experienced user or when we are training someone for the first time, the speed and ease of use, especially for out-of-plane trajectories, make this our navigation system of choice.”

Dr. Else Merete Ebbensgaard, Region Hospital, Holstebro, Denmark

“At the Regionhospital in Holstebro, Denmark, we are using Imactis CT-Navigation™ since April 2015. At that time, we have performed more than 1200 lung interventions and also multiple biopsies of bones, kidneys, liver, adrenal glands and retroperitoneal lymph nodes and abdominal and thoracic drainages. Compared to our prior method we have experienced with CT-Navigation™:

– Better precision, we can hit targets as small as 7 mm in lungs

– Quick biopsies

– CT-Navigation™ is less sensitive to patient motion

– The possibility to choose a safer path that can be out of the axial plane

– Fewer complications

All radiologists in Holstebro prefer Imactis CT-Navigation™ when doing CT-biopsies.”

Pr. Alban Denys – CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland

“Imactis is used in my centre on a daily basis. It is particularly useful for out-of-plane access to deeply located lesions like adrenal tumors or liver lesions located under the dome. It is extremely user-friendly, easy to manage and simple both for the nurses and technicians in my angio lab and for residents rotating every 3-6 months. It has a great potential in the future for complex treatment planning in ablation procedures.”

Pr. Eric de Kerviler – APHP, Saint-Louis Hospital, France

“The holy grail in CT-guided procedures is to be able to reach any target lesion quickly and safely. Imactis’s CT-Navigation™ is a very powerful tool as it allows to plan complex trajectories and determine the entry point of the needle simultaneously. Intra-procedurally, the system is particularly efficient in difficult cases for which a double oblique trajectory is mandatory, even with target near the diaphragm. For every procedure, the system also reduces the number of control scans, and therefore maintains the radiation as low a dose as possible for both patients and radiologists. Allowing unlimited trajectories, Imactis opens new horizons, making reachable the unreachable targets”

Dr. Christian Sengel – Grenoble Hospital, France

“I personally used CT-Navigation™ assistance for over 5 years. I am an interventional radiologist specialized in pelvic and abdominal cancer treatment. For me, the system’s benefits are with percutaneous thermal ablations (radiofrequency, microwave and cryoablation) particularly for both deep and mobile nodules, like nodules in segment 7 (Couinaud). CT-Navigation™ considerably increases your accuracy in the first punctions. This also means reducing the number of CT scan controls, without using fluoroscanner, seeing fewer complications in the trajectory, and delivering treatment with more precision (therefore reducing recurrences). Even though in theory the system does not take internal breathing movements into account, the radiologist can move into the acquired volume dynamically, see the shifting of the image of interest and easily extrapolate to obtain the exact path to the target.”

Pr. Ivan Bricault – Grenoble Hospital, France

“The Imactis navigation station provides valuable assistance by increasing the accuracy and reducing the number of control scans. It would be difficult for me to imagine completing certain complex interventions (double-oblique trajectories for example) without the safety and comfort provided by the Imactis CT-Navigation™ station. The system’s ease-of-use has also helped less experienced radiologists to become acquainted with CT-guided interventions; these radiologists would have been reluctant to perform procedures without the assistance of navigation.”

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