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Venus P-Valve™

The Venus P-Valve System is the first self-expanding nitinol stent for pulmonary valve in Europe known to Venus Medtech. The Venus P-Valve System was designed at 28-36 mm for valve diameter specifically for large RVOTs. The intended purpose of Venus P-Valve is to replace the pulmonary heart valve with an artificial valve using a minimally invasive percutaneous approach, to treat right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) dysfunction and specifically for the dilated outflow tracts to restore pulmonary valve function.


Venus P-Valve

• Self expanding nitinol frame

• 6 radiopaque markers

• Single layer porcine pericardium

• Tri-leaflet valve sutured within skirt




Venus Delivery Catheter System

• The handle at the proximal end of the catheter is used to load and deploy the valve.

• The micro knob is turned counterclockwise to load the valve and clockwise to deploy the valve.

• 0.035″ (0.889 mm) guide wire.

• 22Fr and 24Fr Sheath.




Venus Crimper

• Self-patented compression loading system, specially designed for Venus P-Valves.

• Easy to operate, with force evenly distributed, protects the valve.



Clinical Benefits

Relief of leaking (regurgitation): Improvement in pulmonary regurgitation compared to pre-procedure as demonstrated by transthoracic echocardiography

Increased cardiac function: Significant improvement in NYHA Functional Classification compared with pre-procedure

Restored right ventricular function: Improvement in RV-remodelling and RV-function at 6 months after implantation

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