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… Also known as cryoanalgesia, is a specialised technique for
providing long-term pain relief in interventional pain management settings.

Cryoanalgesia is based on temporary disruption of sensory functions of some parts of the nervous system using extreme cold. Cryoablation is gaining acceptance as an innovative method in pain relief.

Cryoablation does not damage nerve structures permanently which is why nerve tissues can regenerate slowly with no risk of post-procedural neuritis. The method is safe and minimally invasive, recommended especially when conservative means have proved ineffective.


Indications for Cryoanalgesia:

Acute postoperative pain from thoracotomy

Facial pain syndromes (supra-infra orbital, occipital, mental)

Suprascapular, Ilio-inguinal and other specific neuralgias

Facet syndrome – cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral


Perineal neuropathies

Phantom Limb

Trigger points

Painful neuromas

Tennis elbow syndrome and golfer’s elbow syndrome

Painful shoulder syndrome


Advantages of Cryoanalgesia:

High efficiency: pain reduction for 6 months to 2 years

No neuroma formation

Immediate pain relief

Can be repeated

No thermal damage to surrounding tissue

Microinvasive percutaneous procedure, bloodless, fast healing

Simple diagnostics: fluoroscopy or USG

Fast return to normal activities – no hospitalisation


Cryo-S Painless

Mode selection and probe cleaning/freezing can be performed automatically using the footswitch or touch screen which allows to keep the site of a procedure under sterile conditions.

Electronic communication (chip system) between the connected probe and device allows recognition of optimal operating parameters and auto-configures the cryoprobe characteristics. Pressure and gas flow are set automatically and requires no manual adjustment.

Cryoprobe temperature, cylinder pressure, gas flow inside of cryoprobe and procedure time are displayed during freezing.

Built-in voice communication

Built-in neurostimulation (sensory, motor).



The largest selection of Cryoprobes – The thinnest cryoprobes for cryoanalgesia available on the global pain management market.

All cryoprobes are clearly visible in the ultrasound images

Available as Single-Use and Reusable. Reusable probes are available Straight and Angled.

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