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Micro Snare

Snare System

The Multi-Snare® Micro is a multiple, especially small retrieval loop for interventional (neuro-)radiology and cardiology. The highly-efficient, dual-plane design of the Multi-Snare® Micro device makes it possible to grasp objects from any angle.



Dual-plane system  In addition to the main loop, the Multi-Snare® Micro also features an additional, lateral retrieval function.
These two planes enable objects of all kinds to be grasped quickly and safely.

Variable loop size  The diameter of the loop on the Multi-Snare® Micro can be easily adjusted to the exact size of the object to be retrieved.

Very small or distal blood vessels  Thanks to its very thin, long catheter and the small diameter of the loop, the Multi-Snare® Micro set is suitable for use in distal (pre-capillary) blood vessels and capillaries.


  • Dual-plane system for retrieval using the loop or for lateral grasping
  • Radiopaque loop made from coiled platinum wire
  • High tensile strength thanks to flexible nitinol core wire
  • Low-profile introducer sheath (3 F minimum)
  • The loops can be rotated 360°
  • Reduced friction, direct 1:1 torque and excellent leverage during application



  • Interventional use in cardiovascular procedures
  • Grasping or retrieval of diverse foreign bodies (wires, catheters, etc.)
  • Positioning of implants and grafts
  • Added support during cross-over procedures
  • Added support during venipuncture for inserting a central venous access point
  • Repositioning or adjustment of a long-term intravenous catheter
  • Fibrin sheath stripping for a long-term intravenous catheter

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