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MULTI-TRACK™ Angiographic catheter

The MULTI-TRACK™ angiographic catheter utilizes a unique concept of guidewire location to increase flow rate and maneuverability of the catheters. Designed from radiopaque materials, the catheters are easily placed and can be used in conjunction with different types of interventional catheters.

The MULTI-TRACK™ angiographic catheters’ innovative offset distal tip passes over-the-wire, leaving the catheter shaft free for infusion of contrast media or for obtaining pressure measurements. This allows the guidewire to remain in position throughout the procedure.

The MULTI-TRACK™ angiographic catheter system allows for high quality angiography and pressure recordings during diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization. The advantage of the system is that both angiography and pressure recording can be performed repeatedly from stable catheter positions using a previously placed guidewire. This reduces the need for guidewire manipulations or catheter exchanges and decreases procedure time and the risk of complications.

There are multiple potential uses for the MULTI-TRACK™ catheter. It simplifies many procedures, enabling clinicians to:

  • Perform angiography without removing and repositioning the guidewire.

  • Obtain simultaneous gradient pressure measurements.

  • Place multiple catheters on the guidewire.

  • Precisely control pull-back or push-up pressure tracings.

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