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The All-In-One Aortic Stent System

The NuDEL™ Stent Delivery System is designed for the efficient and effective treatment of Coarctation of the Aorta. 

The system includes a triaxial balloon in balloon designed catheter with a Covered Mounted CP Stent, which is then covered by a sheath as an all-in-one system. Combining the proven technologies of our NuMED BIB balloon catheter and our Covered CP Stent, the NuDEL System employs both our compact delivery method and the “zig” pattern stent design.

The NuDEL™ System Includes:


> Our triaxial balloon in balloon designed catheter

– Allows for controlled expansion of the Covered CP Stent™ by utilizing an incremental expansion of the stent

– The inner balloon is ½ of the outer balloon diameter and 1 cm shorter

– Each balloon inflates to the stated diameter and length at a specific pressure

– Catheters are 100 cm in length and utilize a .035″ guidewire

> Covered Mounted CP Stent

– Covered CP Stent pre-mounted on a BIB Catheter

– Pre-mounted stent on catheter eliminates assembly time requirements

– Bare CP Stent™ framework covered with an expandable sleeve of ePTFE

– Sheath covering catheter tip

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