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Nykanen RF Wire

Nykanen™ Radiofrequency Wire

The Nykanen™ Radiofrequency Wire is designed to create a controlled puncture by delivering radiofrequency energy. Physicians have used the wire when treating conditions associated with pulmonary atresia, hypoplastic left heart with intact atrial septum, and vascular occlusions. For physicians, the Nykanen™ Radiofrequency Wire is the gold standard in its field of use.



– Excellent handling, like a coronary guidewire.

– The wire has a flexible distal region that can be manually bent and shaped with good memory.

– Its rounded, atraumatic tip will not mechanically perforate tissue.

– Its Teflon insulation facilitates smooth advancement through guiding catheters.

– Designed for quick exchange

– The proximal end of the wire has no fixed connector, which allows the ProTrack™ Microcatheter to be loaded over top of it.

– Its ample length of 265 cm allows for the 180 cm ProTrack™ Microcatheter to be loaded onto the Nykanen™ wire outside of the patient.


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