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Tyshak NuCleus™

Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty catheter        

Catheter Characteristics

A combination of the NuMED Tyshak® balloon and NuCLEUS™ balloon.

Available in 4mm – 25mm diameter sizes.

Three Radiopaque Platinum Marker Bands to define the balloon position. One marker band is located in the middle of the waist of the balloon to help position it within the valve. The other two marker bands define the shoulders of the balloon.

The waist of the balloon is for accurate balloon placement within the valve. Initial inflation will hold the balloon in the desired position; further inflation expands the center or waist area of the balloon to achieve satisfactory dilatation. The waist area will expand to 90% of the rated balloon diameter at Rated Burst Pressure.


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