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The NEW cryosurgical system CRYO-S Electric II has been developed for all surgical applications. The system is based on Joule-Thompson principle. Pressurised gas (N2O) expands through a fine orifice producing a rapid drop in temperature resulting in freezing the probe tip and the surrounding tissue.
Pressing footswitch starts up freezing cycle. In about 3 seconds the minimal freezing temperature of approximately -40° C is reached. After releasing the footswitch, freezing cycle automatically stops and the thawing cycle, defrosting the cryoprobe within 2 seconds (non electric).
The NEW CRYO-S Electric II is easy to use, maintenance free, with all cryoprobes autoclavable (134°C).
State-of-the-art cryosurgical device manufactured by Metrum CryoFlex is the next generation of apparatus used by many experts in the field since 1992.
Cryo-S Electric OPHTHALMIC is controlled by microprocessor, and all the parameters are displayed on  LCD touch screen.
  • Mode selection, cleaning the probe and freezing can be performed automatically using foot switch so that the site of a lesion remains sterile.
  • Electronic communication (chip system) between the unit and connected cryoprobe. Unit recognises optimal operating parameters and auto-configures to probe characteristics.
  • Pressure and gas flow are set automatically, manual adjustment is not necessary
  • Contains automatic probe cleaning system and two freezing modes (continuous and discontinuous)
  • Temperature of the probe, pressure, gas flow and time of the procedure are displayed during freezing.


The working medium for Cryo-S series devices is nitrous suboxide (N2O) or carbon dioxide (CO2), very efficient and easy to use gases. A 10 litre cylinder  serves for approximately 60 – 75 patients. In contrast to liquid nitrogen, both gases can be stored safely in steel cylinders and without losses.
The new contact cryoprobes for Cryo-S Electric OPHTHALMIC 
All of the probes are reusable, easy to sterilise and easy in exploitation. Cryoprobes are equipped with chip sensor containing data of the optimal working parameters (flow, pressure, temperature). Sensor accounts the number of applications which guarantee the highest level of safety.
OPHTHALMOLOGY cryo probe tips
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